Communications and brand message creation

Tell the amazing story of your business to drive sales and win talent

Words Matter Consulting provides brand, reputation and communications consulting for companies that want to stand out.

How Words Matter Consulting Can Help You

Communications and Brand Messaging

Communications and brand messaging

  • How do I tell people an engaging story about who my company is, why it exists and what it does?
  • How can I define and communicate my company's vision, mission and values?
  • My company is going through a lot of change. How do I talk to people about what’s going on and keep them focused on what’s important?

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Employee value proposition (EVP)

  • What makes my company different and special?
  • Why should people want to work at my company?
  • Why should people want to stay at my company?
  • How do I evolve my company's culture?

Employment Brand and Reputation

Employment brand and reputation

  • No one has heard of my company. How do I get my name out there?
  • How can I attract the right talent to my company?
  • How do I get my company on great or best workplaces lists?
  • How do I build my company’s reputation as a great place to work?

About Words Matter Consulting

We have helped large organizations, small businesses, and non-profits communicate clearly and tell compelling stories to shape their cultures, attract talent, drive engagement, strengthen their brands, and clarify their vision, mission, goals, and strategy.