Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Words Matter Consulting can help you create a story about your workplace that sets you apart and attracts talented candidates

What makes my company different and special?

Why should people want to work at my company?

Why should people want to stay at my company?

How do I evolve my company's culture?

The answers to these questions begins with identifying your employee value proposition.

An employee value proposition, or EVP, answers the question, “Why should I work here and stay here?” It demonstrates what makes your company unique, different and special from other companies. You can use your EVP to help you:

  • Tell stories about your culture to attract the right people to your company and to engage and retain the great people you already have
  • Make decisions about the kinds of programs, benefits and activities that you want to offer to employees to keep your culture strong and unique – and to keep great employees
  • Evolve your culture into what you aspire it to be

We can help you:

  • Define your employee value proposition
  • Use your employee value proposition to tell consistent stories about your company
  • Create a strategy to use your employee value proposition to protect or evolve your culture and grow your business and reputation

Here's How It Works


We learn about you.

We develop your EVP.

We develop your EVP.

We'll assess your workplace culture, interview your leaders, conduct focus groups with your managers and employees, and benchmark the companies you compete against for talent.


We develop your EVP.

We develop your EVP.

We develop your EVP.

Based on everything we've learned, we'll create the messages about what makes your workplace unique and test them with leaders, employees and candidates.


We create a plan.

We develop your EVP.

We create a plan.

We'll create a playbook, roadmap and toolkit for implementing your EVP and train your recruiters, managers, employees and leaders to use it.